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Teleprompter Products

Teleprompter Mirror

We cut optical beam splitter mirrors to any size you need and ship them to you right away. Our glass is coated with a transparent dielectric mirror nanocoating to provide the best optical quality on the market. Our 60% and 70% transparent glass is the most popular glass on the market because it is color-neutral, allowing for undistorted high definition recording through the mirror. We carefully package and fully insure the mirrors to protect your order from breaking. The mirror edges are wet sanded for your safety and we also offer rounded corners.

Speech Teleprompter

Our presidential speech teleprompter is the easiest-to-use, most functional teleprompter on the market. It can be disassembled and carried around without being a burden to your project. When you need it, it only takes minutes to setup. Our speech teleprompters use the finest quality optical beam splitter glass on the market. Speech prompters can be used on stage for capturing the performance from multiple angles, or you can film straight through the mirror for a head-on shot where the speaker's eyes are looking straight ahead at the camera.

QuickPrompt Teleprompter

Our QuickPrompt teleprompter is the most affordable and easiest to use prompter on the market. Many other companies charge thousands of dollars for expensive teleprompter units that are difficult to figure out, bulky, and come with fewer features than our most affordable models. For a fraction of this cost, you can buy one of our preassembled QuickPrompt DIY teleprompters. We take pride in our customer service; everything we sell is in stock and ready to be shipped to you immediately!

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